Your Life Is Your Responsibility

I'm sitting here watching the sunset disappear,

Birds chirping, a light breeze, and the sky is clear.

I see the colors yellow, orange, and pink,

Nature is quiet and allows me to think.

Droplets of water are sliding off my drink.

My cats love the outdoors as much as I do,

They are cute, cuddly, loyal, and true.

They lift me up when I am feeling blue.

I have to admit cat farts are the worst,

And there have been times in my life that I have felt cursed.

With love in my heart and hope by my side,

I am learning to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Half of life is fun and some parts really suck,

I am thankful for the times of luck.

When I start to get down,

I do my best to turn it around,

I felt lost before I felt found,

I learned to heal with energy and sound.

I started fixing what I didn't like about my life,

I slowly pulled out each knife.

Brick by brick I rebuild and recreate,

As I do I step closer and closer to my fate.

I am happy and peaceful at any rate.

Life is lovely- I'm not saying it always will be or was,

I have so much clarity now, but I remember the fuzz.

My new life gives me light, love and quite a buzz.

I have taken complete responsibility for my life,

I realize now I was the one holding the knife.

Who wants to take responsibility this day and age?

I do because I want to help, heal, and become a powerful sage.

Even if I am the only one,

I celebrate a job well done.

Written By:

Angel Vaughan


I am a mystic and I study and am interested in psychology, philosophy, history, physics, art, science, magic, the occult, spirituality, and evolution. ❤ writing