Puzzle Me

I want to grow and evolve,

I want puzzles to solve.

I want to chase my dreams through a field of stargazers.

I want to be on the lifeboat throwing out the lifesavers.

I want to swim and drink the wild air,

I want to be at peace…

Birds Chirping

I’m outside listening to the birds chirping and feeling the breeze kiss my skin,

I think of all the places I am going and that I have already been.

I wonder if the tally of my good outweighs my sin.

I wonder if I had made a different…

What to Expect Energetically with the Full Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius

We are entering into a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius and this is also called the Flower Blood Supermoon. This will be the biggest moon of the year so far and the moon will be the…

Tell me each one of your dreams,

Tell me what rips you apart at the seams.

What makes your light beam?

Tell me each of your dreams.

Riding far going fast,

Will we crash?

Or make this last.

Riding far going fast.

Buckle up baby, it’s getting rough,

and don’t…

We Are All Made of Stars

Made from a vast ocean of stars,

Mixed molecules of Venus, Earth, and Mars.

Take me away to the mermaid lair,

I can’t wait to see what I find there!

Give me time to fix my hair,

and find something sexy to wear.


Virgo Full Moon

My name is Angel Vaughan and I have deeply tuned intuition and psychic medium abilities. I regularly channel through writing mostly, but in a variation of ways such as art, poetry, and tarot/oracle readings. The point of this blog is to share what I have learned and…

Angel Vaughan

I am a mystic and I study and am interested in psychology, philosophy, history, physics, art, science, magic, the occult, spirituality, and evolution. ❤ writing

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